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Until then, we have available hardstanding pitches for caravans and motor vans only. Currently, a legitimate reason to be away overnight from the primary residence is still required (unless the caravan/motorvan in question is the primary residence) – according to the stay at home restrictions published by the government here.

As restrictions are lifted, we aim to accommodate all arrivals and camping that is legally permissible under the lockdown measures in place at that point.


Until the 17th of May, it appears the use of shared facilities is not permitted by law, so the facilities (showers and toilets) on site will remain closed until then. All campers staying in tents before the 17th will need to bring along their own improvised toilet arrangements for the duration of the trip. This can be a dedicated toilet tent (which goes free and does not need to go down on bookings), or something more makeshift, such as a toilet bucket that can be used inside the main tent.


All social distancing measures mandated by the government at the time of any given stay to be observed to the most stringent degree when on site.


Day visitors are permitted when booked and paid for in advance through the online booking service. To do this, please be sure to select day visitors in the first stage of the booking process (where you would otherwise select the size and type of tent/van).


Please open our booking service below, which will provide detailed availability information and itemised pricing for your requirements in the first stages.

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For dates from spring 2021, we are planning on the basis that the current restrictions will have relaxed by sufficient degree to permit group camping events once again.

Note that prior arrangement is strictly required for all groups of more than four units (tents, caravans, or motorvans). For more information, please click through to the online booking service above, and look for the Group Booking Guide button there.


Please note that fishing tickets are obtained and paid for on arrival only, not currently when placing a booking for camping. In the off-peak season it may be necessary to arrange fishing in advance – please see this page for more information and the means to get in touch with the fishing warden.


As part of the online booking process, you can choose to camp in one of two fields, either the playground field or the paddocks. Beyond this however, we do not offer a more specific choice of location prior to arrival. In quieter periods, you can set up where you like, otherwise, space will be allocated by the wardens on arrival.


All fees must be paid for in full by the payment deadline, which is seven days ahead of the date of arrival. Payment does not have to be completed when placing a booking when the date of arrival is more than ten days away.

To complete payment for an existing booking, simply click through to the online booking update service from within your booking confirmation email (no password is required to access the service), or similarly, follow the link provided within payment deadline reminder emails.

Bookings that aren’t fully paid for when the payment deadline has passed will be automatically cancelled by our system – which will be confirmed by email to the email address on the booking. The balance of any part payments already made towards bookings cancelled in this way will be credited to you as is detailed in the section on refunds and credits below, but no actual cash or chargeback refunds on to your card or PayPal account will be issued.

Bookings cancelled due to expiry of the payment deadline cannot be reinstated – to rebook after an automatic cancellation due to missing the payment deadline, it will be necessary to place a fresh booking, which will be fully subject to availability at that point, without appeal.


On cancellation, the balance of any online payments already completed will not be refunded back on to your card or PayPal account.

Instead, cancel a booking via the booking update service at any point before the end of the day before the scheduled date of arrival, and the system will automatically award you a non-expiring credit equal to the sum of all payments made towards that booking. No credits or refunds will be issued for bookings that have not been cancelled by the time the scheduled day of arrival has arrived.

The credit is tied to your email address, and can be easily redeemed through the system against future bookings, until it is fully spent.

Specific payment and refund policies for any booking in progress can be found within the booking service, via the link at the bottom of the panel of itemised prices.

Note that if you decide to leave early during your stay for any reason whatsoever – for example, due to bad weather/illness/breakage of your camping equipment – these conditions will still strictly apply. No part of any fees paid towards a particular booking will be refunded or credited back to you once the day before the scheduled day of arrival on the booking has ended.


Please note that we are not Blackland Farm Girlguiding at East Grindstead.

To book for a DofE group, please use our online booking service and select DofE for the unit in the first stage. Further on, at the people and extras stage, you can enter the combined number of youths and organisers in the Attendees box, and the approximate number of tents in the No. Tents box. Pricing is £7 per youth/organiser, with all charges for tents waived.

Otherwise, for all DofE/affiliated youth group enquiries, please get in touch below.

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Please first check your junk mail folder.


You can also get in touch with us directly at:

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